Why CPCE? .................................................................................
Welcome to Consulting Process Control Engineers (CPCE)
       CPCE provides solutions and engineering services to the chemical and allied process industries, generally called Chemical Process Industries (CPI). CPCE's field of business is process and process control engineering.
      We have a process focus - not automation hardware or software platform focus which is typical of many system integrators. From an end user's perspective, this process centric approach translates into a solution to his specific process or process control problem.
         We provide engineering services for new projects as well as for modernization and upgradation of existing process plants.
      An important area of our services involves providing customised process and process control engineering solutions to existing process plants for improving manufacturing performance in terms of quality, efficiency and capacity improvements.
  • Flexibility
    CPCE has the necessary flexibility to respond to client's specific requirements due to its chosen vendor independent approach.
  • Fast decisions
    Due to very focussed and specialised nature of its field of business, there is a tremendous clarity in the decision process at CPCE that results into fast decisions.
  • Technical skills
    The team at CPCE has rich experience in all allied fields of chemical process engineering as well as process control engineering having themselves been witness to the growth of both the industry and frontline technologies.
  • Length and breadth of experience
    Right from - material and energy balance calculations to distillation column design;
    - pump specifications to instrument selection;
    - software requirement specification, PLC or DCS application programming;
    - instrumentation and control training;
    - deploying dynamic simulation and advanced process control applications
    We have done it sometime.